Rental policy for our Compass 150CC boats with the 30hp Mercury 4-stroke engine and for our Nireus** 7m RIB with the Mercury 150hp engine


The fuel is not included in the price. You will get the boat totally filled with gas. We will fill up the main and the emergency tanks when you come back from your trip and you will be asked to pay for the fuel you consumed.

If you rent the boat for more than one day, you can fill the tanks at the boat gas station in Vathy harbor after every trip or we can do it for you and you pay directly to us.

**For the Nireus RIB after your trip we will go together to the boat gas station in Vathy and we will fill up the boat with gas so you can see your fuel consumption


Third party and public liability insurance is included in the price.

Safety equipment:

All boats are fully safety equipped according to the coastguards’ regulations and the Greek laws.

Operating hours:

You can rent a boat from 09:00am to 07:00pm. It is not allowed -by the coastguards’ regulations to navigate at night.
Insured area (3 nautical miles from the island's coastline):

You will be provided with a map that shows the insured area where you can move with the boat. If you exit this area then it is possible to get a fine from the coastguards that you will be asked to pay for. If you have an accident out of the insured area then you are not covered from the insurance.

Damages, breakdowns and bad weather conditions:

Any damage caused to the boat by inappropriate use, it will be charged to the client. Before you leave the harbor you will be asked to sign a form that you checked the boat with us and it had no problem. If there is any visible problem we will mention it in the form that you sign and you will not be asked to pay for it in the end of the trip. During your trip please be really careful not to hit the seafloor with the propeller. An aluminum propeller cannot be fixed, so in case of damage you will be asked to pay for this part.

**The Nireus RIB has a stainless still propeller, please pay extra attention to this part.


If there is a breakdown of the engine, we will refund you for the hours of the day you could not use the boat. If there is a breakdown out of the insured area, you will have to pay for recovery by our safety boat.

In case of bad weather conditions we have the right for safety reasons to cancel the rentals. The coastguards are giving us directions every time there is a bad weather prediction. If we will have to cancel your trip, we will try to book a boat for you the next days if there is availability.

License and age limitation:

No powerboat license is required. Anyone can operate our boats according to European Law. The operator must be at least 21-year old. The passengers (who will not operate the boat) can be younger than 21.



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